First look at the Coolpad 9971: Has 3GB RAM and 2K screen

by Frank Tu 0

Coolpad’s newest phone was recently revealed by Antutu. Its model number is Coolpad 9971. Based on the name, there is no doubt that it is part of the Daguan series.1-140H9160924592


The Coolpad 9971 does not have a display screen as big as the Daguan 4’s, measuring only 5.5 inches. However, it has greater resolution (2560 x 1440). It uses the Snapdragon 801 processor (2.5GHZ). It also has 3GB RAM and 5MP/13MP cameras. Its operating system is the Android 4.42. Overall, the screen and memory specs are excellent.1-140H9160P4440


From the specs, everyone may think of the Daguan 5 which had its first snapshot leaked online a while ago. However, unlike the 9971, the Daguan 5 is supposed to use the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor.


If both are the latest devices in the Daguan series, then there should be a gap between the dates they will be launched. We should find out when the 9971 is coming soon as the Daguan 5 is said to come out this September.

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