Xiaomi MiBox Can Only Be Used in Mainland? Xiaomi Once Pledged To Tackled the Problem in March

by Frank Tu 0

Recently, net users reflected that MiBox bought in China couldn’t get recognized by iCNTV in foreign countries. It caused its inability in using any Internet related function and performing native playbacks independent from networks. Later on, more net users reflected the problem that both standard and enhanced versions can’t get recognized except in Mainland China.


With some broadband in China being blocked by iCNTV, those users have no access to radio and television serial numbers.

Net users verified and found that, neither newly-bought nor wiped MiBoxes could get recognized by iCNTV except in Mainland China but if apps supporting Launcher (such as VST) was previously installed MiBox can be used after changing default starter. In this way, net users suggest that if you want to use MiBox out of Mainland China, you should get pre-boot authentication in Mainland and install a third party launcher in case of the aforementioned situation and you shouldn’t do the wiping work before using it.2

MiBox officially stated since MiBox didn’t start its service overseas, iCNTV hadn’t built a website abroad. Due to that, iCNTV did authorization limits in areas other than China, causing MiBoxes in those regions couldn’t play the content iCNTV provided. Also, it suggested users wait till the limits be cleared.


In reality, backing to March this year, numerous net users consulted Xiaomi similar problems. Xiaomi then responded as above. Yet the problem remains a problem, MiBox gives no explanation.