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ZOOZ S5.5 Hands On: Save Money On Redmi Note

by Shine Wong 5

zooz s5.5 redmi note

Xiaomi Redmi Note is one of hottest octa-core smartphones with MTK MT6592 processor, in China, there is lots of clones. ZOOZ S5.5 maybe is most impressive copy in these filed. If you want to has an affordable phablet, this phone would be your best choice, because the Redmi Note clone only cost half price.

There is no difference on the appearance except the logo on back, the ZOOZ S5.5 even may share cases and battery with real Xiaomi Redmi Note. ZOOZ S5.5 is a middle-class hardware Android smartphone, it equips 5.5-inch QHD display screen, MTK MT6582 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, 8-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera, installs original Android 4.4.2 OS.

zooz s5.5 redmi note

Here is our hands-on video (ZOOZ S5.5 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note):

Here is some purchase links from Chinese online shop:



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  • Nicky T

    2 big thumbs up!
    i dont know if its related, but a couple of days back i suggested “links where to buy”.

  • Zooz Chan

    ok, i find the buy link!
    thank you Shine Wong!

  • XiamiFans

    The reason why people buy Xiaomi because it is cheap with good hardware and Quality Control specification.
    The only problem is this fuckin’ Xiaomi always got no stock.

    It just doesn’t make sense if other china company make a clone of Xiaomi as Xiaomi really don’t have the “Exclusive /Premium feeling” compare to Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note.

    Those copycat actually need to match the spec of Xiaomi but cheaper price and Good QC. Then people will buy their product.That’s the way to compete.

    Btw those fake brand normally not last. They just make the casing look like original but the quality of their product really SUCKS ASS, less than 1 year sometimes weeks only then faulty, so why bother to buy those fake ones ???? In the end you actually lose money to replace with a new one.

  • Mr. Y

    Hello there,
    I need this stock rom (firmware) from this Phone.
    can you help me where i can find it?

  • Andy Lu

    ok! thank you for sharing the buy link!