IUNI releases fourth teaser for the U3

by Frank Tu 0

Today, IUNI has release its fourth teaser poster for its latest flagship hone, the IUNI U3 which is expected to come out no later than August. The latest poster simply shows “3>4.”Cg-4WlPjLdGILviwAAAgbeDOQ8YAAQSiAJUiE8AACCF701


The first two posters show a clear outline of the IUNI U3, while in the third and fourth posters, IUNI hints at what the U3 is capable of using puns and word games. Many guessed from the “2×4” poster that the U3 will support 5 modes and 16 channels of TDD/FDD dual 4G. Some even think that it might support dual-SIM.


Based on what has been happening recently in the Chinese mobile phone industry, we can probably make the following conclusion….that the “3” represents the U3 white the “4” represents the Xiaomi Mi 4 which got the attention of many users since its release last month. Therefore, the “3>4” poster is basically IUNI’s declaration of war against Xiaomi saying that the IUNI U3 will definitely surpass the Mi 4. Can they put their money where their mouth is?