Huawei will launch Ascend P7 of sapphire glass version

by Frank Tu 0

It still can not be sure that sapphire glass screen will be used for iPhone 6. However, Huawei will launch the P7 smartphone of  sapphire glass version. Yu Cheng Dong, Huawei CEO, said that the sapphire glass version  P7 smartphone with glass-glass design will be launched firstly due to the earlier layout in sapphire industry. the Huawei P7 of sapphire glass screen, Huawei finally becomes one of the “Members of Sapphire”, and also it is announced that P7 sapphire glass screen version will be the first domestic sapphire screen mobile phone put into market.Compared with the normal glass, sapphire glass is of better strength and scratch resistance, and the mobile phone screen shall be more wearable. However, the production cost for sapphire glass is much higher generally, and normally it is used for premium product, while at present it is also used for normal smartphone.

It is said that the sapphire glass is made as follows: make a massive sapphire glass by melting pot, then cut into slices with the thickness of hundreds of  micrometers by traditional technology, finally install the sapphire glass for  the products, so the higher requirement is needed for the processing device, which increased the production cost.

Yu Cheng Dong, the CEO of Huawei, said that the P7 sapphire glass can be available firstly due to earlier layout in sapphire industry, which means the overall technology level has been set according to the corresponding standards.

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