Mi 2 will also have MIUI 6 OS

by Frank Tu 0

The Mi 2/S is the most sold cellphone from Xiaomi and has sold up to 15,000,000 to date. Unfortunately, there had not been any plans to let owners of the Mi 2 upgrade their OS to the new MIUI 6…until now.


MIUI 6 upgrades are already available for the Mi 3 (China Unicom/China Mobile) and Mi 4 open edition although the China Mobile edition of the Mi 3 is still undergoing closed beta tests. The next step is to include an update for the Mi 2 and it looks like it is finally happening.


Yesterday afternoon, MIUI announced in their official Weibo account, @MIUI_ROM, “MIUI 6 for the Mi 2 will undergo closed beta tests at the end of the month.” In addition to the Mi 2, the MIUI 6 should be tested for the Mi 2S and Mi 2A.


Closed beta testing should go on for two weeks and we can expect an open edition to come out in October.