OPPO N3 revealed, uses VOOC charger (4x faster than regular charger) and 2K screen

by Frank Tu 0

Last week, OPPO announced that it will release a new phone this October, also including the slogan, “One More Step, One More Surprise!” Now, they finally announced its name, the “OPPO N3.” As the name shows, it is part of the photo-centric N series and is the successor to the OPPO N1.


Reports say that the N3 will continue to use the promotional camera used in the N1, will have upgraded features, and will use a VOOC charger (4x faster than a regular charger and can charge up to 75% in 30 minutes). It will also sport a 2K (estimated 2.5D) screen.


Foreign news site, Gsmarena, received an exclusive snapshot of the OPPO N3 and it looks like the best-designed cellphone in China right now.


The N3 will also sport a revolving camera. Its screen will be designed with speakers on both sides, a rare design for a cellphone and will have a dual-LED light.