Google and MediaTek partner up to release the Android One cellphone platform

by Frank Tu 0

Google and Mediatek have started working together to release the Android One platform, providing powerful but affordable Android smartphones to consumers from emerging nations. Both companies will also help cellphone manufacturers simplify production by quickly implementing their global super mid-market plan.


MTK’s General Manager for Corporate Marketting, Mohit Bhushan, said, “MTK has always strived to produce high-quality smart devices and sell them at affordable prices. Our product roadmap showing our low-, mid-, and high-end series is the greatest evidence that we kept our word. By working closely with Google on the Android One, we are able to come up with solutions that encompass software, hardware, and testing. This reflects MTK’s goal to bring our technology to every corner of the globe and allow consumers to make use of them, unleash their potential, and create endless possibilities (Everyday Genius). This is our mission.”














The first Android One smartphone will use MTK’s flagship MT6582 system chipset.