Snapshots: Huawei Mate 7 with leather case

by Frank Tu 0

On September 12, the 6-inch Huawei Mate 7 flagship phone was launched leaving audiences in awe with its metal case, very thin frame, and green gold color. This phone goes on sale at Huawei’s official store tomorrow at 10:08 AM.


Now, we received this unopened package of the Mate 7. The phone’s leather protector looks very interesting. There is a hole in the front and there are three holes at the back. When you close the protector, the magnets in those holes keep it shut.


When you close the case, the screen lights up showing the time, and weather, and even letting the user play music.


The high-end package is composed of:


Charger x1

USB wire x1

3.5mm earphones x1

Card slot needle x1

Safety manual x1

Quick Guide x1

Customer service manual x1

OTG wire (micro USB to micro USB) x1

Leather case x1

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