PIPO H3 to use MTK6592 4G chipset, becomes the first 4G tablet to use MTK processor

by Frank Tu 1

It has been that the PIPO H3 will be the first 4G tablet to use a processor from MTK. This tablet uses the 1.7Ghz MTK6592 octa-core chipset. Since it supports 4G internet, then, this tablet must use a combination of the MT6592 and MT6290 processors.


Some of the H3’s specifications were also revealed as well. It sports a 10.1-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Its main camera is also pretty powerful as PIPO plans to put a 13mp camera on the back.


This rendering of the H3 shows that it has a similar design to the T9. The back still follows a three-level design, but the H3 does not have round ends. There is also a detachable panel on the left side of the main camera. From the tabs on the pan, it looks like the H3 may support dual-SIM cards and memory cards.