Huawei: MX4 Pro still uses an MTK chip!

by Frank Tu 0

It is no secret that the MX4 Pro will have a fingerprint sensor. Reports have said that both it and the Mate 7 have a fingerprint scanner similar to the iPhone 5S.


Meizu has boasted that they have a better solution for a fingerprint scanner than the Mate 7. This immediately got Huawei’s attention.

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In response, the Huawei Mate 7’s managers said in their Weibo account that they hope that they can produce a device that can give users a better user experience instead of another cheap product. They also want to know if the fact that Meizu uses MTK processors is the reason why they were able to solve the fingerprint sensors’ security problems.


Will the MX4 Pro continue to use an MTK processor? If they go on like before, they might use the Samsung 5430 octa-core chipset.


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