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OPPO Color OS 2.0 released; has powerful energy conservation mode and single-layer desktop

by Frank Tu 3

Before China’s National Holiday break, OPPO launched the Color OS 2.0 standard edition in its forums.


Not only does the first version support the OPPO Find 7 (Standard and Lightweight versions); it also supports the OPPO Find 5 and the OPPO N1 (which has a revolving camera).

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The Color OS 2.0 standard version uses a single-layer desktop and reusable icons. It has a neat and simple look and is easy to use. Besides the desktop, it has a lot of animated features. You can redesign the desktop using hand movements. Most importantly, it has a high-level power conservation mode.

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  • lerel

    still lacks in battery performance cause of so much consumption from the display. Even on low it drains like no tomorrow. Besides this update was so far behind they could have already thrown themselves into android L, And made the preparations for it you buy their expensive phone only to be held back on what’s new.honestly won’t get another dime from me.

    • Victorius Pribadi

      I do miss the quick charging and bass quality of my ex Find 7a, but I can live without it. Because my G3 had a better OS and camera, a higher priority for me

  • richard foster

    compared to Samsung htc sony etc the oppo range is a lot cheaper and a lot better