Zopo ZP999 Standard hardware review (compared with Zopo ZP998)

by Frank Tu 2

zopo zp999 2014-10-11 100458

The Zopo ZP999 Standard version, powered with mt6592 Pre-orders for this phone were first accepted on September 25 at the Mini Hei online store for 999 RMB (162.93 USD). Those who pre-ordered would get their phones on the 30th. Here’s our review of the Zopo ZP999 standard version and its hardware.


Here’s the case of the Zopo ZP999, all neat and tidy. 230609w82thk8b8j83t2ft 230610aowz7o7fgnnaywnk 230610cxwxnhqnw9gzn88g

Here’s the front side of the Zopo ZP999 standard version.


Here’s the back. 230651egonxsonmssnomxo

Here’s the phone when it was turned on. The wallpaper has already been changed. 230711m72078y7j2ii82i6

Zopo ZP999 standard version and Zopo ZP998 are exactly the same size. 2308489z0q4u9iimuuqusu

Their backs also have the same design. 230849evngbbv6bb5wsp7b

A comparison of the top sides of both phones 230850discml99zdmj99hl

A comparison of both phones from the right side.

A comparison both phones from the left side. 2308524bulgu8m33l6883m

The bottom sides of both phones. 230852t0kki39wokz9ityr

A side-by-side comparison of the interior of both phones. 230853ud2dhue4ydbc7o24 2308531izjeoo9jstjzo1s 230854t00babbowtlxvhx6

A side-by-side comparison of their rear covers. 230855x083e9e1x2wn44mr

The batteries. 230856vz42t1tmmvv5dtjm 2308566j9ufhz1pl4hhhcc 2308579iitfm9fdyhw5k59

       The Zopo ZP999 standard version continues the classic design sported by the Zopo ZP998 with many similarities from the size to the way the buttons are set. Even their batteries are the same size, so, they’re interchangeable. However, the SIM slots were changed.  Zopo ZP998 has one big SIM slot and one small one, and has support for China Unicom 3G networks. The Zopo ZP999 standard version, on the other hand, has two micro card slots (one micro-SIM slot and one micro-SD slot) and has support for China Mobile 4G networks. The two slots overlap each other. Another difference is that the Zopo ZP999 standard version is not NFC-supported. As a result, there are no NFC-sensing sections all over the phone. This is a phone aimed at the mass market, and so, it’s no surprise that its specifications doesn’t have much improvements from Zopo ZP998.

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