Doogee will release 2 3G devices, Titans 2 DG700 and DG750 in November

by Frank Tu 3

doogee Titans 2 DG700

First of all we have the DG700 Titans 2, a rugged phone with a huge battery(4000 mah), 1GB RAM,8GB ROM, MT6582 quad-core processor, front-facing camera of at least 2 megapixels, rear camera at least 5-megapixels  and a ridiculous low price. This beast is the evolution of the DG150 Titans but with a lot of improvements to it, including more memory, a new processor and even, an extra button that can be programmed by the user to perform any action on this rugged smartphone he or she may see fit, like taking a photo, opening your email etc…

 doogee DG750

The next is the DG750 Iron-Bone. The Iron-Bone boast a really stylish metal, aluminum-Zinc alloy, frame that makes it one of the hardest models we have, hence the name. The metal frame fits perfectly with the rest of the components, including a compact 4.7 inch screen. But this bad boy is not only good looks, it comes packed with a lot of punch, nothing less than a octa-cores processor  1.3 Ghz MT6592  1GB RAM, front-facing camera of at least 2 megapixels, rear camera at least 8-megapixels, 8G of rom, 2000amh battery.