Meizu MX4 vs. Huawei Honor 6 vs. Xiaomi Mi4 vs. OnePlus One: Which Chinese smartphone has the best camera?

by Frank Tu 4



Which Chinese smartphone can take the best shots? A lot of you may have argued with each other about this. Today, I give you several sets of photos taken by four different Chinese cellphones that cost 2000 RMB (326.51 USD) to compare. They are the OnePlus One, Xiaomi Mi4, Huawei Honor 6, and the Meizu MX4. The latest software these phones had was from before November 10, 2014. You guys compare these photos and decide which smartphone has the best camera.

Scene 1

Order: DSLR camera, MX4, Honor 6, Mi4, OnePlus One

草坪-650D 草坪-MX4 草坪-荣耀6 草坪-小米4 草坪-一加


Close-up: 650D DSLR, MX4, Honor 6, Mi4, OnePlus One

草坪1-650D 草坪1-MX4 草坪1-荣耀6 草坪1-小米4 草坪1-一加


Scene 2

大树-650D 大树-MX4 大树-荣耀6 大树-小米4 大树-一加


大树1-650D 大树1-MX4 大树1-荣耀6 大树1-小米4 大树1-一加

Scene 3

路面-650D 路面-MX4 路面-荣耀6 路面-小米4 路面-一加

Scene 4

勿忘我花-650D 勿忘我花-MX4 勿忘我花-荣耀6 勿忘我花-小米4 勿忘我花-一加

Scene 5

水泵-650 水泵-MX4 水泵-荣耀6 水泵-小米4 水泵-一加


水泵1-650D 水泵1-MX4 水泵1-荣耀6 水泵1-小米4 水泵1-一加

Scene 6

Order: MX4, Mi4, Honor 6, OnePlus One

微距1-MX4 微距1-小米4 微距1-荣耀6 微距1-一加

Scene 7

辛巴克-MX4 辛巴克-MI4 辛巴克-荣耀6 辛巴克-一加


辛巴克1-MX4 辛巴克1-MI4 辛巴克1-荣耀6 辛巴克1-一加

Scene 8

闪光灯-MX4 闪光灯-小米4 闪光灯-荣耀6 闪光灯-一加

Scene 9

闪光灯人像-MX4 闪光灯人像-MI4 闪光灯人像-荣耀6 闪光灯人像-一加