Win a free Zeaplus Nut smart tracker

by Frank Tu 4


Zeaplus is a relatively new company but it has already made headlines with its affordable Zeaplus M4 and the powerful Zeaplus M6.
Today the company announced another product, which is not a smartphone but a smart tracker which helps you to keep a track of your important things.
The device called as the Zeaplus Nut works together with a smartphone app and tracks all the connected
objects. You can control up to 20 objects out of which 6 can be online at a time.
The app allows you to set reminders so that you never forget your device and even if you do, the nut will sound an alarm if the objects goes beyond a certain distance.
Similarly, you can find your phone too using the chip. Just long press on the nut and your phone will start flashing and making a sound, which will help you find your phone.

It comes with rechargeable button battery with 3 months standby time.

As a part of the launch promotion, the company is giving away one free Zeaplus Nut to a lucky winner who shares what they think about the device in their forums.

So, just go to the Zeaplus forum and write what you think and you may win a free Zeaplus nut tracker.

Meanwhile, take a look at this advert from Zeaplus about the new Nut smart tracker.

Full Specs:

Color White / Mint / Orange
Dimensions 36mm x 36mm x 5.8mm
Weight 10g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible iPhone5/5c/5s、iPhone6/iPhone 6 Plus、iPad3/4、iPad air、iPad mini
Compatible Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 feature
Battery Button battery CR2032
Standby 3 months
Tracking items 6 items