Lenovo’s new subsidiary is called “Fancy Maker”

by Frank Tu 0


Back in October, Lenovo announced that they would create a new subsidiary company that would be headed by Lenovo senior vice-president, Chen Xudong. Now, Chen Xudong has just announced the name of the new subsidiary, “Fancy Maker.”

Back when Lenovo first announced the creation of a new subsidiary, it did not have a name. Today, Chen Xudong announced the new company’s name at a conference. According to reports, Lenovo’s new subsidiary company will release internet-related terminal products such as smart phones. According to Chen Xudong, Fancy Maker will enjoy a bit more autonomy from the main company. “As an international corporation, Lenovo enjoys experienced management, while the new company will be run under a more flexible management.”

Since Fancy Maker will be able to make use of some of Lenovo’s great resources, Chen Xudong believes that Lenovo will have a better starting point than a regular start-up company. “The hardest part about making about making a new brand,” Chen Xudong says, “is making a good supply chain. Our new subsidiary can make use of all the great resources that Lenovo has at its disposal.” All I can say for now is good luck and hopefully, they can come up with some interesting products.

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