Apple Watch May be released In China by mid-2015

by Frank Tu 0

The wait is over. We have heard a lot of talk about the new Apple smart watch in mid 2014. We patiently got our hands on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus while still waiting for the Apple smart watch. Most of us eagerly waited for an announcement from Apple, telling us when exactly(date and time), it is we would get our hands on the first smart watch by Apple.

Apple started the New Year off with big news for all its customers. The launch of its new product, the Apple smart watch. With much hype about the watch being generated since mid 2014, people are eagerly waiting to get their hands on it.

Based on information from the official website, the Apple watch will be available in the United States and Australia very early in 2015, followed by Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom. The watch will be released at  Mainland China and Hong Kong after , hopefully by mid-2015.

The question now being asked by loyal Apple users is the price of the much-anticipated product. It is rumoured that the Apple smart watch would cost RMB 2499 Yuan in China but in the International market, the price would be about $349.

Apart from the sleek look of the watch, Apple also provides extra interchangeable straps for the watch, and so many other cool features like the sport edition, considering this; the cost of 2499 Yuan is still possible. All of these of course are projected because Apple has not realised the cost of watch in its official website yet so we all wait patiently for the watch of the century.

After all of these have been taken into account and also the price of the iPhone how much do you think the very much-hyped Apple smart watch would cost?