No.1 X2 is a 5.5-inch rugged 4G enabled smartphone

by Joel 0


No.1 has announced a number of a smartphones recently including an ultra-rugged No.1 X1 phone. Now, in 2015, the same smartphone company is all set to announce another rugged phone in the market which will be much bigger and better than the X1. The all new No.1 X2 comes with a larger display and supports high-speed 4G LTE networks, without losing its damage proof characteristic. This is a very important upgrade especially for users who want are looking for a decent phablet that they can carry around wherever they like. Its rugged nature will protect it from any kind of environment or situation.

The new No.1 X2 sports a large 5.5-inch display which can withstand scratches and other damages. Users can take advantage of this large display for even their entertainment needs, which was not possible in other cheap small screen rugged phones. So, incorporating such a large screen on a device with such rugged characteristics is really impressive.


On the connectivity front, the No.1 X2 now supports 4G LTE networks. Yes, the phone can take advantage of high speed internet browsing, making it one of the few true rugged phones out there with this capability. High speed web access can always come in handy, especially when you are outdoors and there are no Wi-Fi networks available. Moreover, the large display with 4G LTE support would really enhance the user’s browsing experience.


Finally, the company has also upgraded the processor on this new device. Instead of the cheap MT6582 processor found on the No.1 X1, this new model comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor (MSM8916). This 64-bit chipset features Cortex-A53 architecture. As a result, the phone would perform smoothly without any lags.


While we still don’t know the other features of the device, it will most likely be the same as the No.1 X1 smartphone. The phone is reportedly waterproof, scratchproof and shock proof, making it the first 4G enabled smartphone with these protective features.

We will update more details about specs, pricing and availability in the next few weeks.



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