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Could Huawei be the next Nexus 7 maker?

by Joe 18

Just yesterday we reported that Google is in talks with a Chinese manufacturer to release a Nexus device this year. The source revealed that a domestic manufacturer was all set to announce a Nexus phone later in 2015.


Now, the same source from Weibo reveals that there will be two different Nexus devices this year. One will be made by the chosen Chinese company and the other will be made by LG. If this is the case, then its very likely that the one from the Chinese company could be the affordable variant of the phone. On the other hand, the LG made Nexus could be like this year’s Nexus 6, loaded with the best tech specs in the market but at a very high price. So, finally, Nexus fans may get two phone choices in 2015.

Another interesting point revealed by the source is the processor that will be used by the OEM inside the new Nexus device. The source said that it didn’t know whether the manufacturer would use its own SoC or go with a Qualcomm one on the next Nexus.

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While it doesn’t reveal the name of the OEM, this gives us a very good idea as to which OEM could be the next Nexus maker. Huawei has its own Hisilcon Kirin processor lineup, which the company has been using in its phones for quite some time now. So, we believe, Huawei could be responsible for manufacturing one of the Nexus phones this year.

If this turns out to be true, it won’t really be surprising given that the company has proved its expertise in the field by releasing phones like the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and even the affordable Honor 6 Plus with dual cameras. So, if the next Nexus has to be powerful and good looking, Huawei could turn out to be a good option.

Anyways, remember that this not official news. Neither Google or any Chinese OEM has confirmed plans for a Nexus release this year, so make sure you take this news with a pinch of salt.

If Google is indeed considering a Chinese OEM, which one do you think would be perfect for making the next Nexus device?

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  • ScoobSTi

    Xiaomi violates GPL so it wouldn’t make sense.
    Huawei wouldn’t update it.
    Lenovo would probably be the most responsible.

    • Michael Zimmermann

      Lenovo would be the weirdest because Google sold Motorola to Lenovo 😀
      I hope it’s Xiaomi so Google can force them to follow GPL.

      • Peeyush

        +1 for hoping Google forces GPL mandate onto errant manufacturers.

      • expo-9009

        Xiomi is not ready for selling worldwide nexus. Maybe lenovo or huawei. They are in more Country.

    • eddie

      Huawei wouldn’t update it? The Mate 2 is getting Lollypop

      Huawei Device is pleased to announce that Android Lollipop will be
      available for the Ascend Mate2 in the first half of next year. In light
      of your feedback, we have reassessed our upgrade strategy. We take our
      customers’ feedback seriously and want to ensure they have the best
      experience possible with the Mate2. The Mate2 upgrade will go from the
      current JellyBean directly to Lollipop. Huawei Device is committed to
      providing the U.S. market with the best products, services and features,
      and we stand behind the Mate2 and the value it offers. At its launch,
      the Ascend Mate2 offered a powerful, unlocked experience, with a 4G LTE
      ready, 6.1-inch smartphone featuring the most powerful battery in its
      class and panoramic camera. Today, the Mate2 continues to be an
      exceptional device for under $300.

    • Ivan Jensen

      Come on, Google use to update their own devices asap..

      I feel sorry for Mate 2 user ,I know I have Samsung and their Android update sucks…

      The fingerprintscanner like Mate 7, will be very usefull for Google..

      Huawei is faithful to android, and their Hisilicon is cheaper vs Qualcomm

  • Max, el Slowpoke

    I just wish the next Nexus doesn’t use a MediaTek chipset.

    • Frank Tu

      How about Kirin?

      • Max, el Slowpoke

        Well, I have never used any Huawei device with it, but I think it might be way better than MediaTek. At least I have seen custom ROM/kernel development for some Huawei devices.

    • Peeyush

      Any chipset/manufacturer would be fine, as long as they honor GPL and release sources and buildtools.

  • Abhijit

    Updates will be directly handled by Google. So lack of updates is out of question. But the good thing is that the device will be much more affordable.

  • LK

    F*ck Xiaomi and they selling method

  • Άγγελος Θεοδωρόπουλος

    Oneplus is the best one to make a nexus device. Cheap, responsible updating and i noticed they have improved their production line quite enough, so they could make the new nexus to be of extreme robust design(oneplus one is excelent i that regard), have the best specs in the world available at that time, innovative camera functions and sensors(oneplus one had raw,slow shutter, manual focus, and many more from 4.4.2, when none even dreamed of those), and all that for prices under 350$ for the big version and under 290$ for the small. Add to all that the direct Google ypdate of all the nexus, and you have a phone that will sell like crazy for the next 2-3 years, even better than how nexus 5 did.

  • Vincent iZ

    Lenovo Bought Motorola so it’s possible ! Xiaomi won’t do it for sure.

  • Gibbs

    God i hope not, i hate huawei more than anything in the world ! (no offence :|)

  • Carlos David

    Lenovo! Lenovo! Lenovo!

  • 魔鬼

    I am assuming Lenovo would be the next Nexus maker
    Let’s hope they would make a decent phone

  • wonderer

    ony vivo is good to hold the name it carries…quality
    but I intersting no one said anything about zte&coolpad…both have a mass production line and their devices are good too
    Gionee/iuni unlikely