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Huawei is the next Nexus maker confirms Kevin Yang from iSuppli

by Joe 15


A few days back, we reported that Google might partner up with a Chinese OEM for its next Nexus device. Later, we came to know that that along with this Chinese OEM, Google will also partner with LG for a new Nexus device in 2015.

kevin yang isuppli nexus maker

Now, Kevin Yang, the Director of China Research at iSuppli, a leading market research firm, confirmed on Weibo earlier today that Google has indeed chosen Huawei as the next Nexus maker. This is in line with the previous reports about Huawei entering into a partnership with Google to make this year’s Nexus device.

The major reason why Google went with Huawei could be because its the biggest competitor to Xiaomi at the moment. While everyone would have loved a Xiaomi Nexus device (in fact our recent survey showed that 43% readers would have liked a Xiaomi made Nexus), Huawei too has shown great promise in 2014 with releases like the Ascend Mate 7 and the Honor 6 Plus. Still, its very surprising that Google did not choose Motorola for its new device this year.

Now that we are almost sure that Huawei could be the next Nexus maker, we will have to wait and see whether they go with Huawei’s Kirin processor for the new device or with Qualcomm’s snapdragon range. Both are quite capable but will Google risk putting the new Kirin range in its smartphone/ tablets? Well, only time will tell.


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  • Wolverine

    Huawei high end products are very expensive compare to other china brands especially Xiaomi.

    • Nova G

      Because Xiaomi is a low cost brand and not huawei.

    • Ivan Jensen

      Patents cost money, thats why Xioami never go global,
      Huawei is a loyal to Android, their processor is cheaper vs Qualcomm
      and a userfriendly fingerprintsensor thats nr.1

      • Lazar Prodanovic

        Huawei is not so loyal to costumers nor is it to Android or for that mater open source. HiSilicon SoC’s are not so bad unfortunately they tend to save die size on GPU’s behalf. At the end Huawei really need vanilla. I know many EU customers that will never ever again buy the Huaweis smartphone even it’s a next Nexus as Huawei never provided them with desirable customer service or software. At the end Google chose wrong. Don’t get me wrong Huawei have really nice design, nice displays and built quality but with bad software & customer service & as I stated it’s very well hated. Think this will more hurt Google than Huawei after all two strikes in the row are a little to much.

        • Ivan Jensen

          as all other Nexus ,
          Google do the software, Huawei the hardware.
          And Huawei has been loyal to use Googles Android..

          • Lazar Prodanovic

            They made a Window’s phones in the past. As I am certain they will fall miserably in providing a essential binary blobs (for: battery, display controller, sensors, camera, radio, WiFi…) this could end up as a disaster (it’s not a like Google is doing all software). They violated the GPL many times and when pressed up they in the best case released old depreciated sources. Only ones ended up hating Huawei more then users are developers that tried to work with Huawei (from kernel to Slim, CM & MIUI developers). You can actually check out whole story on MoDaCo forums. I wish Google the best luck with they new partners.

          • Ivan Jensen

            I have a Samsung S3, and I hate Samsung for: bad antenna, bad Android update support, not iniutive userfreindly. but it seems they hyave changed direktion, on some point with the S6

          • Lazar Prodanovic

            I tooth they changed direction a little with S3 Neo (i9301i), but no that one actually just slip to them. Only thing Huawei changed recently is more premium prices. S6 is horrible & overpriced & they are putting new blotwere in it. They could had made a good phone as the new Exynos is actually good but they instead made a horrible cutdowns & Hi resolution display. A small Chinese Jayu made some fantastic stile chases in the past with no compromises & a 1000 times bigger Samsung whose unable to do that much right. At the end if Google wanted to hire the Xiaomi’s biggest rival they would hire Meizu that is a true biggest Xiaomi rival & whose second in a survey wish list. Huawei lost in a home ground, its hated in Europe and undesired in US (banned). Somehow you can compare them to Samsung as the Samsung of China.

          • Ivan Jensen

            Me think you are a hater…Over and out….

  • RH

    I love my Mate2, and if the build quality is the same, I’d get one…if the price was right.

    • ScoobSTi

      After the Mate2 -> Mate7 and Nexus 5 -> Nexus 6 price increases, maybe not…

  • Latheryin

    I doubt we will see their own chip in it as a Nexus is a developer device they will have to release alot of info on the chip that most China oems dont really like doing. Mediatec is a perfect example.

  • Gibbs


  • Jason Mayfield-Lewis

    Oh dear, if you think the AOSP 4.4 source release schedule was a mess, you wait ’till Huawei and Mediatek are involved!

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Mediatek actually shows some pretty decent steps up recently towards opening sources; new CM & Ubuntu builds based upon MTK SoC’s, new SoC supported in Linux kernel 4.0. Its not as much as we would want but it dose bring some hopes. 😉