MediaTek launches Fast Charging- Logo Released

by Nishant 0

Mediatek seeing Qualcomm has launched its own fast-charge technology, Qualcomm has this technology with a variety of mobile phones in the market. MTK fast charge is named PumpExpress, abbreviated as PE. Creative design has been announced.

They have designed the logo very smartly, with “M”, “T”, “P” and “E” in capital, the logo looks very attractive and much better then Qualcomm’s Quick Charge. Whether it is a high-pass or MTK fast charge, no Chinese name, are not easy to promote. Technically essential difference: MTK fast charge current is up to 9V, and Provides 7V output; Qualcomm fast charging technology had two generations of improvements, upgraded to 2.0, provides a 5V, 9V, 12V output, 12V is currently not yet open. If we look at Qualcomm and Mediatek Fast charge logo, there are some similarities. You can see both of them has a power or we say a electric shock symbol in them.

MTK unified Recognition icon failed to publish together with fast charge technology, allowing Qualcomm to seize the opportunity to promote; and Qualcomm has taken the first step, the promotion of technology, while also supporting the establishment of improved authentication mechanism. Now Moto, HTC, Xiaomi, Ktec and other brands have launched Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified charger, in addition to a number of OEM / ODM manufacturers have joined the alliance, fast charging product line covers a charger, car charger, mobile power and other fields. Compared with Qualcomm, MTK is a lot slower, hope MTK can catch up. This market competition will benefit consumers.