The first Apple Watch clone review

by Joel 4

We have already seen plenty of knock offs of popular smartphones in the past two years. The famous clones includes the look alikes of iPhone 6, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 etc. Even wearables have clones these days, like the No.1 G2 which takes inspiration from the Samsung Gear smartwatch.

apple watch 1

Clones are usually seen after the original device is released in the market, but sometimes, there can be an exception, like in the case of this Apple Watch clone. Recently, we spotted a look a like of the Apple Watch that is expected to hit the markets in April. The device looks exactly like Apple’s first wearable and until you turn on the watch, you’ll probably mistake it as the real one.

Since we were surprised to see the watch even before Apple made the original one available for sale, we decided to take a look at the device to see what it offers to its users.

3apple watch 2

First off, lets take a look at the box. The picture in front may look like the real deal, but remember that this is just a clone. But its not surprising to see that the image on the front with the UI is made to look like the original Apple Watch. On the top left corner, you’ll see the multi-language support feature which means you can also install and use English on the device. Below, you can see some of its features such as notifications, handsfree, USB and music player support.

apple watch 2

Turning over the box to the back side reveals interesting things. First of all, the device supports pedometer, stop watch, anti-theft alarm, recorder etc. Of course, its not surprising that the English written at the back is bad. Still, you can read and understand most parts. Interestingly, the rear specs list reveals that the device will be available in two battery versions, a 230mAh version which will be only available for Chinese customers and a 190mAh version which will be made available for international users. Unfortunately, we don’t know why the maker of this device decided to do something like this.

apple watch 4

Inside, you’ll find a manual too, but written in Chinese. The manual reveals that the Apple Watch clone will only work with Android smartphones and tablets. What an irony!

apple watch 5

The device that we got from the market had a brown leather color which matched its strap. On top of the display, there’s a sticker which is made to look like the UI on the original Apple Watch.

apple watch 7

At the back, you’ll see a round metal circle plate. Its does not blend very well with the design as it protrudes from the body.

8apple watch 7

On the right, you’ll see two buttons, which are the only ones on the entire smartwatch. One of them is the Apple’s new digital crown like button. However, we didn’t find any particular function assigned for that button.

apple watch 8

The strap on the device is just standard, nothing out of the ordinary quality wise.

apple watch 6

Unsurprisingly, the device is only a Apple Watch clone by design and not by function. You’ll get what I’m saying right when you turn on the device. The touchscreen is highly pixelated, which means the resolution is too low and almost every function needs a companion smartphone to work. However, it did have some good features despite its low price tag.

apple watch 9

apple watch 10 apple watch 11 apple watch 12 apple watch 13 14apple watch 13

Naturally the device wasn’t going to be as costly as the Apple Watch. In fact, this Apple Watch clone costs even less than 10% of the value of the standard Apple Watch. Yes, you can get it for as less as 200 Yuan which comes to around $32! That’s the cheapest price you’ll get a device like this.

So, what do you think about the device? Looks good?