Check out the amazing aurora shot using the ZTE Nubia Z9 camera

by Joel 0

ZTE is known to equip great cameras on its Nubia range of smartphones. The year old ZTE Nubia Z7 flagship features a 13MP rear camera with OIS and dual tone dual LED flash. The unit is capable of even recording 2K videos at 30 fps.

Naturally, the next generation model, i.e. the ZTE Nubia Z9 camera will be upgraded, probably with a 16MP or even 20MP unit. And earlier today, a famous actor from China, Lin Gengxin posted on Weibo a gif which was reportedly taken from ZTE Nubia Z9.

zte nubia z9 camera

Two days back, a severe solar storm hit the Earth which led to massive sightings of aurora in a number of different countries. It looks like Lin managed to spot one of these beautiful occurrences and took series of images of the aurora and converted it into a gif image. You can clearly see the greenish light in the blue sky. And the Z9’s camera managed to capture pretty sharp images.

Famous actors and celebrities are known to get premium flagship smartphones even before launch and it looks like Lin Gengxin was one of the first ones to use the device. It will be interesting to see the true capability of ZTE Nubia Z9 camera.