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IUNI Launches IUNI I1 – Beautiful Smartphone for Women

by Linus 1

IUNI is one of those Chinese companies that is known for releasing great products for bargain prices. However, company’s products are not officially available to purchase for international customers, but they can be purchased via third party resellers (like many of the Chinese devices). The company has made itself famous by announcing devices like all-aluminium IUNI U2 and later on the IUNI U3, which is still a beast of the phone as far specs go.

This time around IUNI has just officially announced a new “Miss Puff” (if the translation from the Chinese is correct) smartphone, which carries the model name I1. This device seems to be designed for female users in mind as it carries a pink colour and some software, which should be loved by women.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 13.12.31

As far as the specs go, IUNI i1 uses a 5.2-inch 1080p screen (with a 2.5D curved glass), it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Also, it has 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage (most likely non-expandable). What is more, there is a 8mp/13mp camera combo on the front and the back, respectively. Moreover, the battery capacity reaches 3000mAh.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 13.11.46

As far as female oriented features go, the device will have a self-timer beauty mode, which will enhance the face by doing dome tricks like face-lifting, whitening, giving a big eyes effect (popular in Asia), softening etc. What is more, the device will have a 15 seconds beauty video. Morever, IUNI i1 also supports automatic face recognition feature. Finally, there will be a lossless zoom feature on the front facing snapper!

Screenshot 2015-04-01 13.12.13

Software wise, the phone will be equipped with IUNI’s proprietary IUNI OS, which will have “zero bloatware” except for the female oriented features.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 13.12.00

The phone will come in two variants, which include white and pink. Also, it will spot the aluminum-magnesium alloy frame.

In addition, there will be two retail versions. One will be IUNI i1 Lite, which will cost 1999 Yuan and the pricier one (2399 yuan), which will come with some extras that include jewelry box packaging and some valuable accessories for females. The items will go on sale tomorrow at Lynx Electric City in China. International availability or pricing is not yet detailed.

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  • adisappointeddude


    I’m male, and this looks like the perfect phone for me…
    But just because iuni decided to advertise it as phone for women they wont release in black color?? Why? Many phones not made for women are realeased in pink, yellow etc, why not this one in black??

    Really, what makes this phone a “womens phone”?? All I see is ugly wallpapers and random apps no one needs, doesnt matter if male or female.
    Or is it the size? What if I told you the size you prefer for phones doesnt have to do anything to do with you gender but more with personal taste and hand size?

    This might come as a shock to you guys, but actually it doesnt matter if your male or female when buying a phone. You know, cause our eyes, hands and ears basically work the same… A phone is not like underwear!

    Sorry for ranting i just cant handle this stupid marketing bullshit any more just release a goddamn phone, tell us specs and let every male and female decide what they want or not. Dont try to force it to be gender specific by the color options you give us!

    As said, Im male and I hate phones with too big screens. 5.2 is absolute max for me, although I have pretty big hands. actually i’d prefer 5.0, but hey its arched and with rather small bezel…

    So yeah I would insta-buy this phone if it wasnt for your stupid marketing idea…
    (Well it would have to have removable battery too, i did not even check now…)