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Landvo S6 comes with same metal and glass body as the Samsung Galaxy S6

by Joe 9


Landvo has unveiled a number of smartphones in the past few months. Notable devices include the Landvo L200S and Landvo L600S. Now, the company is all set to unveil a brand new smartphone and this time, it will take its design inspiration from the new Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship.


Yes, the company will release a new Galaxy S6 clone in the market pretty soon with the exact same design, materials and even the UI. We also have a couple of images to show off the device in action besides the original Galaxy S6 and you will see that apart from the logo, its really hard to distinguish between the two. It is said to sport the same metal and glass design as the original model. Even the dimensions are the same as the Galaxy S6.


As for the specs, the Landvo S6 will feature a 5.1 inch IPS screen, powered by MTK MT6582 quad-core processor. There will be a 16 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera, along with 2550mAh battery, dual SIM card support and Android 5.0 lollipop OS.

We still don’t know the pricing or availability of the device, but expect more information soon. Stay tuned!

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  • Edwin

    No.1’s is better I think

    • I have no the No.1’s sample yet, so I can’t compare them now, but I have the Landvo S6 sample now, it’s a good quality s6 clone with dual sim card supported. It has almost same metal frame as original samsung galaxy s6, and stunning glass cover. The software also looks same as original phone.

      • Shanos

        Hi shine, the screen colour does not look as good on the landavo is it better in person? I know that samoled tend to fair better in photos than is.
        It’s a shame they have not gone for 64bit Soc though 🙁 what is the price likely to be for 4 his phone?

        • Yes, there is a little different on screen color, maybe because of bright value of screen.

          • Shanos

            should be a nice low to mid range clone phone as long as the price is not too high.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    poor dumb LAndvo :@ !

  • I just cannot get myself to buy something that is an exact rippoff of something else. Life’s too short — if you really want that look, then indulge yourself a little by saving up to buy the real thing :).

  • Fais Khan

    is the android 5.0 real ??

    • Giuseppe Gualandris

      no i purchased today …. android 4.4