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The $5 AllWinner A64 Chipset for Tablets goes into Mass Production in June

by Joe 7

AllWinner has been consistently showcasing its new chipsets at different tech event such as CES and even Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Now, it is said that the new AllWinner A64 chipset for tablets will enter mass production. The highlight of the chip is its 64-bit architecture, at an unbelievable $5 price tag.

Allwinner A64

The AllWinner A64 chip comes with four Cortex A53 Cores which are power efficient as well as powerful. The overall system running on this chip can perform a cold boot within just 9.9 seconds.

Other notable specifications of the AllWinner A64 chip include:

1. Support for 4K Video Output for the best multimedia experience, support for H.264 / H.265 Video Hardware Decoding.

2. Support for a number of different DRAM Memory like LPDDR2/ LPDDR3 / DDR3L etc.

3. Faster IO experience and data throughput thanks to support for eMMC 5.0 interface.

4. AllWinner’s special SmartColor 2.0 Display technology for better and vivid color reproduction.

5. Support for ARM’s latest Trusted Firmware Security Architecture.

As you can see, the AllWinner A64 chipset for tablets offers real good specs for its super cheap $5 price tag. This will truly enable low cost tablets to boost its performance without having to sacrifice its affordability factor.

The tablets running on this new chip will also come with the latest Android 5.1 version which should further attract a lot of new customers. ‘

The AllWinner A64 quad-core chipset will enter mass production in June. So, expect tablets powered by this low cost chip sometime later in the second half of the year.



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  • Muhammad Yasir

    BUT , will tablet cameras improve?

    • I think most user don’t care about the camera of tablet. It’s difficult to take photos with a big tablet.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hmm.. then what are these tabs for ?!

        • The tablets will be available in 1-2 months later, maybe will be very cheap.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i actually have other questions… related to Chinese smartphone industry

      • Muhammad Yasir

        GOOD LORD!
        your from CHINA!!

        I MUST ask some questions… PLEEEASE!

  • The 64-bit processor is better for latest Android Lollipop OS.