Xiaomi unveils Wi-Fi Amplifier, Bedside Smart Lamp & A Bluetooth Headset

by Joel 1

xiaomi products

Xiaomi just unveiled a number of new products earlier today. Of course, the new Xiaomi Mi router was the highlight of the launches, but alongside it, we got to see several other accessories as well.

xiaomi lamp 03

First up is the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp. This smart lamp supports 16 million kinds of color changes. Inside, you get a high-quality OSRAM lamp, which is one of the leading lighting companies in the world. You have touch based controls on top of the lamp, or you can use your smartphone connected via Bluetooth to control the color shades of the bedside lamp. You have multiple color shade options such as cool or warm. The Xiaomi Bedside smart lamp will go on sale for 249 Yuan in the near future.


xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 01

Next up is the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Mi Amplifier. Like its name suggests, this particular device works with the Xiaomi Mi router to extent the range of the device. This can come in handy in large homes, where Wi-Fi signal may not reach all the corners. So, to avoid dead signal areas, you can use this Wi-Fi amplifier from Xiaomi.

The device is pretty easy to use. You can plug into the Xiaomi Router to automatically pair both the devices. Then, all you have to do is connect the amplifier to a USB power source, and your signal strength will be nearly doubled. The device will start at 39 Yuan and will go on sale alongside the Xiaomi Mi Wi-fi Router.

xiaomi bluetooth headset 01

The third accessory released today is the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset. This particular headset has won the prestigious 2015 German IF Design Award and features a special anti-stain coating in an one piece housing. The overall device measures 56 x 10 x 8mm and weighs just 6.5 grams making it ultra portable. You get 3 medical grade silicone ear caps as well.

The headset supports the latest Bluetooth 4.1 connection, which reportedly solves the problem of interference with 4G network signals. It comes with automatic noise reduction and can connect to two phones simultaneously. As for talktime, the company claims that the device can run for 5 hours continuously on a single charge. To full charge it from zero percent, it will take about two hours. It boasts of 1 week of standby and can operate at a maximum distance of 10 meters. The Xiaomi Bluetooth headset will go on sale from June 18 for a price tag of 79 Yuan.

xiaomi smart home 02

Finally, near the end of the event, the company surprisingly made another announcement, this time a set of smart home products for just 199 Yuan. The smart home kit contains a number of smart sensors which can be used to achieve 30 different kinds of functions. For example, the motion detectors along with the gateway can perform functions such as switching on a light at night when it detect motion. Another example would be to use the door sensors and the connected air ventilator to start or stop as you enter or leave your house. The smart home kit will go on sale on June 18 alongside the Bluetooth headset.

Overall, it looks like Xiaomi wants a product in almost every category, with a special focus on smart home devices. The company already has a ton of products in the market and this should further increase the choices for customers.