Hands On With The Super Cheap Zeaplus Watch S2

by Joel 3

Zeaplus has been upping its game in the past few months. We have seen a number of affordable smartphone releases from the company, like the flagship Zeaplus M7. The company has three wearables in its portfolio as well, including a smart band, the Zeaplus Band. Now, its all set to add one more smartwatch, the new Zeaplus Watch S2.


This is one of the most traditional looking smartwatches that you can purchase in the market right now. When we say traditional, we mean, it looks like any other regular analog watch. So, people who don’t like the boring square design on smartwatches, can check out this round offering from the company.


Zeaplus has made the device quite solid, with an all metal body and thick bezels which makes it look quite rugged. You get a crown (which is the camera) as well as a button besides it, along with all other features that you would expect from a smartwatch. What’s more, the watch comes with a metal band, instead of the traditional leather ones found on most smartwatches.

Under the hood, the watch features MTK6260 processor for wearables along with 32MB RAM and 128MB storage. The camera is of 1.3MP, but don’t expect high quality pictures from this low level sensor. The front features a 42mm 240 x 240 pixel resolution touch screen display. The watch is IP67 certified, which means its water and dust resistant. Finally, there’s a 350mAh battery on board which is reportedly good enough to last about 70 hours.

Using the watch was pretty easy, thanks to a simple OS that’s running inside. You have plenty of pre-installed watch faces, most of them quite good looking. You can change the face with a single tap on the screen. A swipe to the left brings you to the menu, which includes a lot of different features such as pedometer, remote notifications, bluetooth settings, device settings, sleep monitor, remote camera etc.

What’s more, when connected to a smartphone, the Zeaplus Watch S2 can make calls as well as sync your text messages directly into the watch. You also get a heart rate monitor, which is once again a nice addition.

The original price tag of the Zeaplus Watch S2 is $80, but for the month of July, the company is offering it for just $49.99. This is a pretty good price for the features and the device you get, so make sure you check out the company website for more details.


Model Zeaplus Watch S2
Color Steel (Silver/Gray)
Dimensions 42mm
Weight 90g
Connection Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with Android & iOS
CPU MediaTek MTK6260
Screen 42mm, TFT capacitive touch screen, 240x240pixel
Camera 1.3-megapixel
Storage 128MB
Pedometer Caroles calculation, Steps counter
Sleep Monitor Supported
Heart Rate Supported
Standby Time 350mAh, approx 70 hours
Waterproof IP67 class, dust and water resistant
Anti-loss Supported
Music Playback Sync with smartphone
Notifications Calls, Messages,
Clock Face 4 options
Language                                 English, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, Русский, French and more …