Soocoo S33WS Pro Review – A Good Cheap Sports Action Camera

by Linus 0

One of the things that we all use during the summer time is our cameras. Some people still believe that DSLR cameras are the way to go while other users rely on their smartphones. Still, these are not the only options available out there and one more is a sports/action camera.

The majority of users know the GoPro, which arguably makes the best cameras but there are a lot of much cheaper alternatives on the market. We know Xiaomi, SjCam and some other companies but one named Soocoo may be worth your attention as they are specialising in the field of action/sports cameras.

I have spent some time with the camera and made a full Soocoo S33WS Pro review:

In case you don’t feel like watching a video, here are my conclusions of what I think about Soocoo S33WS Pro Sports Action camera:


Overall, the Soocoo S33WS Pro camera is a pretty good device for the price of just over $100. It is very compact and lightweight and it comes with a case, which is full of accessories to expand the usability options.
In addition, this action camera has tons of features and most of them work well.
Picture quality is quite good in the daylight but could be better in the low-light situations. Also, the lens are wide but not the widest on the market.
As far as the video quality, it is not bad when there is not a lot of movement involved but once you start moving, the footage suffers from some shakiness. Also, the sound quality is not that great.
I was really disappointed by a poor camera app, which was actually annoying to use. On the other hand, you can adjust all the settings on the camera itself and use it as a viewfinder or a playback option.
To sum up, despite a few shortcomings this camera is definitely one of the better deals out there in this price range. Of course, it is not par with a GoPro series but it does not come even close to that price range either. If you’re looking for an affordable sports action camera or you don’t think that a GoPro is worth the money, the Soocoo camera may be something to look at.

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