Ausdom M06 review

by Frank Tu 1

For $50, Ausdom’s M-06 Bluetooth headphones could be one of the cheapest wireless headset at it’s level.


The obvious assumption for everyone would be that a lot of money is needed to afford high quality wireless headphones given the average market price today. In fact, most of these valuable gadgets go for $150. When Audsom M06 was first mentioned, many would not have expected a lot from it, given that the brand is relatively new. No so today because recent tests on these Bluetooth headphones have revealed otherwise. Not only do they meet expectations in regard to sound quality and price balance, but also do they feel comfortable to use for long periods. Having fulfilled minimum expectations on sound quality, we give it a pass as an acceptable low-cost option for those looking for Bluetooth headphones.

Out of the Box

The device is light in weight and comes with only a fewer accessories: a 3.5mm cable for connection and a micro USB charging cable. You get relieved from having to carry a case, adapter and carry sack. The M06 is certainly worth the price given that the sound quality is acceptably reasonable and the rigid plastic frame lasts for longer.    

While many companies are trying to impress on appearance and fashion, Audsom doesn’t: so the M06 will not impress those obsessed with fashionable items. Or rather, the company is not trying too hard to. However, those who understand the benefits of not having too much attention such as when commuting, will find the device worthwhile.      


The M06 feels comfortable over the ear even when used for a long period. You will not experience any fatigue after a long period of listening music. The ear cups, which are almost equal in size to those of Bose QC25, fit on most ears. The device exerts a relatively slight clamping force on ears and you can easily forget that it is even there, thanks to the nicely crafted padding on the ear cups. However, since the slight force means that the headband must cover a wider space in order to clamp on the head; those with narrow heads might experience some soreness after using the device for some time.

The only bad side with the M06 is its adjustability and fit. The headband is slightly hard to fit in and initially feels a bit sticky and clunky to move. You will require some additional effort to find the right fit.


Audsom M06 incorporates all the control buttons on the bottom of the two ear cups. You can easily access the power, volume, play/pause, and skip track buttons, but the challenge is it is hard to differentiate them as they feel the same on fingers. It means you might have to remove the headphone to make sure you press the correct button, but that might unplug the music source device. However, one can memorize the location of each button with continued use. The buttons are thus hard to use, and it will be easier to control the music from the source device.   

M06 comes with a 400mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts for 20 hours according to the manufacturer. The battery lifetime, however, goes down to 16 hours when the music volume is higher. The battery status will show on an iPhone 6 thanks to the use of the latest Bluetooth chip iteration.



Although the treble sparkles slightly, it does not make the overall sound quality offensive on ears. Vocals are clear, although the midrange is a bit low. The bass is not deep but can still be heard. The sound quality is just sufficient on the dynamic range.

Some people will raise a concern with the “one-note” quality experience on the upper bass/low midrange, which makes the bass a little bit “punchy” on ears. The experience comes on almost all music genre played, although again, it does not make the overall sound quality offensive on ears. Others will find it fine given the device is only 50 bucks worth!

M06 works pretty fine on albums such as Home by Garrels, and you can hear many plucking of strings.

The device however falls short on noise isolation because the ear cups do not afford a good seal around the ears. Since some sound waves can get in and out through this seal, you can hear people’s voices when using the device in crowded places – the M06 Bluetooth headphone does not do well on sound dampening. However, they are nice to use on quiet environments – the sound is clearly audible.

ausdom-m06-side-angle-full-v2-1500x1000 (1)


The device exceeds expectations in regard to matching quality and sound – you get a good sound quality for as low price as 50 bucks, and getting a light weight wireless gadget at that price is even more of a bonus. Bad noise isolation and poor looks is all you have to bear with when using this device. However, it fits those looking for a low cost wireless headphone that is not offensive on ears and doesn’t attract much attention.     


Very affordable

Comfortable on ears

Battery lasts longer

Good wireless connectivity


Poor noise isolation

Not so fashionable

Control buttons feel cheap on hand

Sound frequency response is uneven

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