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OnePlus Claims OnePlus 2 Is The ‘2016 Flagship Killer’!

by Joe 5

We all know for sure that OnePlus will announce its new flagship, the OnePlus 2 on July 27 (July 28 in China). While the phone comes with pretty good specs, enough to compete with any other smartphone in the market right now, the company is apparently marketing the phone as the 2016 Flagship Killer.

oneplus design

Yes, it looks like the company is too enthusiastic about its upcoming flagship, enough to be calling it the flagship killer of 2016. Given that we already know a lot about the new OnePlus 2, thanks to the teasers and confirmations from the company, the specs aren’t good enough to compete with 2016 flagships. In fact, in a few months time, even Snapdragon 810 would be replaced by a much faster and efficient (hopefully) Snapdragon 820.

So, why would the company be calling it a 2016 Flagship killer? Well, either we still don’t know a lot about the OnePlus 2 (a high-end edition?) or its all a hype to get fans excited. But then, the phone is going to cost less than $450, so what all high-end features could they have incorporated in such a limited price tag? I guess, we will have to wait for the official launch day to get these answers.

oneplus partners

What the company did reveal is a bunch of partners who have supplied components for the new flagship. The list of brand names include Texas Instruments, Samsung, Qualcomm, JDI, Toshiba, Mitsumi etc.

Whatever the case maybe, we just have to wait for a couple of weeks more to get official details. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.



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  • markg

    Complete BS !! OPT is not even sold yet and is already an outdated phone!
    It is not even a 2015 flagship killer !With the invite system OPT will not be sold in the next 2 months .

    • dan

      agreed, lost interest in invite phones, and without CM it’s like LeTV nice HW and crap SW 🙂

  • Muhammad Yasir

    YA right ! at $400 plus its a ‘killer’ !

    Next JOKE !

  • Seb Star

    its not with that cpu

  • hungbigdik

    i think they are going to update this phone in 2016 with an 820. Honestly if the 820 doesnt perform well especially because of the heat issues on the 810 Samsung will win even the CPU world of mobile phones.. They already have won the flash world with their two to three times faster new memory tech which replaced emmc5.0!!
    Honesly i dont like the samsung phones as much but since all the competitors always tend to fuck up samsung will be there.. WHY?? its because of Money even if they dont make money with a product in the beginning or middle stage of sales they continue to spend an spend every penny till they dominatete it and then make laot of money because they have th ebest tech.. After that they go to another space and conquer it!!