ZUK Z1 revealed via TENNA database

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More ZUK Z1 news today, this time with images found in the TENNA database (Chinese Ministry of Communication), we now have a clear idea of what the Z1 will look like.

The front sports a fairly clean look with the rectangular home button (featuring ZUK’s new proprietary U-Touch system), finally on show


The rear again is a very clean and unfussy design with just the camera, flash This looks as though it might be dual tone LED) and the ZUK logo.


It is not particularly clear in the pictures but on one side their does appear to be a hole for a sim removal tool to be inserted, this would certainly fit well with the previous suggestions that the phone will be a unibody device with non removable rear cover or battery, the other side appears to show the power and volume rocker keys.

ZUK-Z1-02-medium ZUK-Z1-03-medium

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