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Will Snapdragon 810 Inside OnePlus 2 Overheat? Not Likely!

by Joe 7

Just yesterday, OnePlus unveiled its latest flagship, the OnePlus 2 via a special VR event. The phone will go on sale from August 11, but before that everyone is interested to know whether OnePlus 2 will overheat.

OP2 0101 snapdragon 810
snapdragon 810 powers OP2

Snapdragon 810 has often been criticized for its overheating issue. Many known top-end flagships like Xperia Z3+, HTC One M9 that have used this Qualcomm chipset have suffered from overheating, and performance issues. Given that the OnePlus 2 comes with the same chipset (although a newer v2.1 version), many users are concerned that the phone may overheat as the above mentioned devices.

However, things may be slightly different in case of OnePlus. The company has used Flex cooling mode, with a patented H-Cube multi-core scheduling tech. Apart from the software tweaks, the OnePlus 2 comes with layers of graphite sheet, copper alloy shield as well as thermal gel to manage the heat generated.

Its unfortunate that early adopters of Snapdragon 810 realized it too late that the chip has some overheating problems. But with the issue now open to the public, it looks like manufacturers like OnePlus have taken enough measures to keep the heating under control.

oneplus 2 antutu benchmark

According to Sina Tech, the OnePlus 2 managed to keep the temperature under control. When the flagship was running the AnTuTu benchmark test, in which it managed to score above 56000 points, the maximum temperature was only around 37 degrees Celsius. This is pretty normal for any flagship, especially when its using a lot of its CPU and GPU cores.

oneplus 2 temperature


Even the OnePlus One heats up when playing games or using graphic intensive apps. And so do most other flagships.

So, can we say that OnePlus managed to somewhat solve the overheating issue associated with Snapdragon 810? Probably! But we can’t be 100% sure with a single test.

Hence, we’ll have to wait for some real life feedback from consumers as well as some thorough testing in our labs to make a final conclusion.

If the OnePlus 2 doesn’t overheat, will you consider buying the flagship killer?


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  • Cpaun

    Don’t forget the underclocking. At 1.8ghz it should be cooler than other flagships.

    • balcobomber25

      Underclocking helps it but it doesn’t fix it. It will just delay the time it takes for it to heat up, but it will still heat up.

  • tiktaktik

    At 1.8ghz wont its performance be somewhat like snapdragon 808??? Instead they could have used snapdragon 808 and further reduced their MRP..

    • anees

      Snapdragon 808 has 2 fewer power cores so a total of 6 cores. And it has much weaker GPU and has older DDR3 RAM compared to SD810…so even being underclocked it has better overall performance over 808

  • Peter Schmidt

    really, when I start ANTUTU the first time I get also only 38° and 56.000 points with a Xperia Z3 or HTC M9, let it run 10 times than you will see how fast ANTUTU goes down and how fast heat gets up. One time ANTUTU isn’t real life situation.

  • quodvadis

    Not likely mean that there is a chance and in use cases where it’s not controlled like they’re always doing with “test”, I won’t believe them until the phone is in actual people’s hands.

  • balcobomber25

    Version 2.1 isn’t a newer version, it is the same exact chip with updated software and it is the same version that has been used in every single 810 equipped phone. Don’t buy into OP’s marketing claims. They took steps to prevent it from overheating but under stress it will still overheat, you can’t fix a badly designed SoC. You can put band-aids on it and hope no one notices it.