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Kingzone N5 Announced: A Budget Smartphone With Reasonable Specs

by Frank Tu 5


Kingzone isn’t the best known name in the global smartphone industry, but back home in China, it has been creating quite a stir with its latest offering. Kingzone has released theirKingzone N5 smartphone which is already available for pre-order on gearbest at an astounding price. The mere $120 price tag may want to you to conclude that Kingzone N5 is yet another mediocre Chinese smartphone, but look at the specs first.

The budget smartphone may not have the premium look of the Honor 6 or the newly unveiled OnePlus Two, but it definitely has a prominent design and build quality. Packed with the resilient IPS LCD display, Kingzone N5 comes with 5inch screen and a 1280×720 resolution. While it falls short of the Full HD resolution (even Quad HD) that most top grade smartphones boast today, the high brightness ratio and sharp viewing angles should keep the users satisfied.

Kingzone N5 has been confirmed to be empowered by MediaTek MTK6735 CPU, 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. The 2600mAh battery should keep the smartphone up and running for 1-2 days on full charge, while the Android Lollipop 5.1 OS will keep processes flowing smoothly. The simple yet effective camera setup is 13MP at the rear and 5MP at the front. Kingzone N5 is a performance driven offering at a menial price, and if you aren’t keen on spending a small fortune on your next smartphone, it might just be the ultimate choice.      

Buy the device from GearBest

Use Coupon N5GB to get a further discount of $7.00. The final price for you will be $112.99 only.

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  • Paap Mrittu

    Looks good.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      man … dont fall for KZ .. they have a bad rep for fooling customers … remember the Z1 ? how they faked slim bezels ?

      i would take all their claims with a pinch of salt , considering they dont ever live up to their billing …

      • Paap Mrittu

        Yes. The pricing is very good. If they come close to their promise they have every chance to do well. So. it looks good.

      • Sorin Balan

        They faked half of the specs. The cameras are 8 and 5 omnivision, the batery has ~2700 mah, there is no Yamaha audio chip, gps works bad, only the sides of the frame are metalic, the support from the manufacturer is null, etc.
        Mine broke after only 2 months of ussage (ff camera and all of the sensors stopped working and it started randomly rebooting or freazing).

  • Sorin Balan

    Do yourelf a favour and stay far, far away from Kingzone.