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UMI Code GiveAway: Get Discount Coupons For Buying The UMI Hammer S

by Joe 25

As you would know, UMI is hosting “UMI Hammer S Treasure Hunt” from Aug 10 to September 10 where it will give out $100, $50 and a lot of $20 coupons every single day to purchase the UMI Hammer S smartphone.


All you have to do is find coupons codes from a number of different places like their official Facebook page, UMI Fan Group, UMI Community etc. Even gizmochina with have been given a bunch of UMI Codes to giveaway.

So, five lucky comments on this article will get one UMI code each.

Just write what’s your favorite feature of the UMI Hammer S in the comments section below and we will give the code to five of you randomly. Its as simple as that! 

We aim to give out all the five UMI Codes in the next few hours, so hurry up.

Once you have the code, use the wheel to grab a lucky discount coupon. You can get $100, $50, or $20 coupons everyday. Once, you have the prize, you have to use it within 48 hours or else it will expire.

Lucky Wheel Link HERE: Head Over To The Lucky Wheel To Generate Your Prize. 

Then, head over to to purchase the phone at discount using the coupon! 

umi hammer treasure hunt terms

After the coupon, the phone which is already affordable (@$159) can be bought for much cheaper. And considering the specs that you get, it turns out to be a great deal.

Here are the UMI Hammer S specs summary:

A. Touch fingerprint ID unlock
B. USB Type-C
C. 5.5inch LTPS screen
D. Latest Lollipop 5.1 system
E. 3200mAH high capacity battery
F. 3D Metal design body
G. HOME+, infrared remote control for a smart home.

After obtaining the coupon, you can head out to to purchase the device. Remember to use it within 48 hours or else it will expire.



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  • jaro69

    usb-c is the best new feature

    • Joe

      I have sent the UMI Code on your gmail ID! Check it out.

  • Sirrr

    infrared, a very nice feature for this price range

    • Joe

      Sent on your yahoo ID!

      • Sirrr

        Thx Joe!

  • I like the usb type-c a lot. No more plug-in problems. 😀

    • Joe

      Sent on ur trbvm ID!

      • Didn’t receive it. 🙁
        I changed my email in my account. Do you mind resending it to my other email? 😉

        • Joe

          Sure, but I dont have ur other ID. You can send me the email address via personal message from our community chat that you can see on the right.

        • Joe

          Ok got ur other ID. Have resent the code to hotmail. Have a look.

  • Joe

    Last two remain! The next two comments will get them.

  • Giulio

    The Home+ sync is very useful to have control all over one hand

    • Joe

      I have sent the code to your gmail ID. Check it out

      • Giulio

        Thank you!!

  • PaulBV

    UMI Hammer S is a tough phone with an impressively sturdy body, and it looks much much better than a normal rugged model at a good price. I already have a LeTv One that I cannot use because its screen cracked when dropped vertically (although it had a protection flip case and a tempered glass screen). Some phones just need diapers to protect them.
    I understand UMI Hammer S is a tough phone! For me, an active person, this is the most important quality!

    • Joe

      I have sent the code to your yahoo ID. Check it out

      • PaulBV

        Thank you so much, Joe ! I dedicate you one of my favourite sogs: Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe ! 🙂 Good luck to us all!

  • Joe

    So, that was it! We are out of UMI Codes at the moment. But in the subsequent UMI articles, we will be posting new codes. So, stay tuned.

  • PaulBV

    Dudes, you are great with all those contests 🙂 Are you for real ? 🙂
    Anyway, you seem much better than the other giz site, which has
    become more of a business 🙁

    • Joe

      Haha, yea, man! And guess what, we have two more giveaways coming, one smartphone and one wearable 😉 So stay tuned.
      The smartwatch contest will start today, so check back in a couple of hours.

  • Damiro Yeah

    Love the USB Type C! 🙂 Need more of these to reduce anger! >:D
    haha 🙂

  • tako

    i just received umi iron , i bought it because i need good phone with sound chip and it is very good indeed

  • Salem Alawi

    3200mAH high capacity battery for sure is great to a days manufactures got it on reverse battery size is shrinking for some weird reason….!

  • Tom

    USB Type-C of course!