ZUK Z1 Does Not Support Quick Charge 2.0, but Charging is Still Fast

by Joel 3

ZUK announced its first smartphone, ZUK Z1 last month with flagship features such as a 5.5-inch 1080p FHD display and Snapdragon 801 chip. The highlight of the device was its support for latest USB 3.0 standard on the USB type-C port. This made ZUK Z1 the first smartphone with such configuration. Since the phone came with a massive 4100mAh battery, it was necessary for the device to feature a tech like fast charge. Also, we know all Qualcomm 800 series processors supported Quick Charge 2.0, and hence we expected even the ZUK Z1 to come with this tech. But according to a charging analysis of the international version of the ZUK Z1 flagship by the smart charger manufacturer Tronsmart, the device does not support QC 2.0. This could be due to hardware or software limitations.


Before we move on to see the analysis by Tronsmart, lets take a look at the specifications supported by QC 2.0.

Unlike the QC 1.0, which supported just 5V, the QC 2.0 extends support to 5V, 9V & 12V. It allows a maximum current of up to 3A on the smartphone, which takes the maximum possible wattage to 36W (12V x 3A). All major Qualcomm processors support QC 2.0, like Snapdragon 200, 400, 410, 615, 800, 801, 805, 808 & 810.

Now coming to the actual analysis done by Tronsmart, they tested the international version of the ZUK Z1. This version comes with CyanogenOS and supports charging at 5V 2A. On the other hand, the Chinese variant with ZUI comes with support for 5.3V 2.5A.


Using the original 5V/2A adapter provided in the packaging, the ZUK Z1 charged up to 15% in about 20 minutes. According to their test, the phone was charging at full 2A limit when the screen was off. The total charging time from 0% to 100% of its 4100mAh battery took about 2.5 hours, which is pretty impressive.


However, we had to see whether the phone supported QC 2.0, which can take more than 2A of current. To test this, the guys over at Tronsmart swapped the original charger with their own QC 2.0 supported fast charger at 2.5A. However, even with this charger, the result was more or less the same.

As a result, it looks like the international version of the ZUK Z1 limits current to 2A, which means it does not support fast charging at QC 2.0 standard. On the other hand, the Chinese variant with EUI will charge at a slightly faster rate since its supports charging at 2.5A.

But to be honest, even without QC 2.0, ZUK Z1 manages to impresses us by charging up to 100% within 2.5 hours. So, I am sure, many won’t mind the lack of Quick Charge 2.0 support on the device.

But we would like to know if you are disappointed to hear this news? Or are you fine with the charging time of 2.5 hours?

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Meanwhile, hit the source link to check out the detailed charging analysis from Tronsmart of the ZUK Z1.