OnePlus 2 vs Letv Le One Pro X800 – In Search of a Real Flagship Killer

by Linus 24

OnePlus company “invented” a term “Flagship Killer” once they started a huge OnePlus One marketing campaign and it has become very popular every since. Also, the type of promotion OnePlus did was successful in that way that a lot of other Chinese tech companies used this term and right now it seems that when a new top of the line device from China is released, it can be a flagship killer.
I am talking about the OnePlus 2, which has made a lot of hype second year in a row. But what if we put it against the less known Letv Le 1 Pro? (less known for the mainstream users, of course).
Keep in mind that both phones were retested using the latest firmware as of 2015-10-01. This is really important for OnePlus 2 as it has improved significantly in crucial areas like UI speed and camera performance. 
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OnePlus 2 vs Letv Le One Pro X800: VIDEO

OnePlus 2 vs. Letv Le 1 Pro: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, the OnePlus 2 vs. Letv Le 1 Pro. Are both devices capable of being flagship killers? Well, if we look at the significant price difference of these phones and the mainstream flagships, yes.
But the real question here is who is the real flagship killer. First of all, both devices are great choices and you will make no mistake choosing either of them but they have their own pros and cons.
The OnePlus 2 has a more conventional design and you can customise it by buying some fancy looking back covers. Also, it has a more traditional almost stock looking UI, a slightly better camera in some scenarios, a larger battery and a fingerprint scanner.
The Letv Le 1 Pro has a premium all-metal design, smaller footprint and better ergonomics, and thus the phone feels significantly smaller in the hand. Also, it has a higher resolution display, a good camera, a really nice looking LeUI, stellar performance, fast charge feature and one of the best in class audio quality.
Which one should you choose? At the end of the day, it all comes to the personal preference but you have to keep in mind all the pros and cons each device has. Still, you will make no mistake choosing either of them as these phones are great bang for your buck.
In case you want to check out the full video reviews of each device, you can find them below.

Letv Le One Pro X800 Review:

OnePlus 2 Old Review (we suggest you watching a comparison with Letv Le 1 Pro review as it was retested with the latest software where many bugs were fixed and improvements were brought)


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