The Best Cheap Earphones for under $20 – Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review

by Linus 4

We have all heard of Xiaomi’s Pistons series earphones. Also, the 3rd Gen of Pistons has been released quite a while now but I haven’t had a chance to get my hands-on with them. Well, better than never, here is my review.
Thanks to Pandawill for supplying us with the Xiaomi Pistons 3 earphones for a review.

Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review: VIDEO

Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review: UNBOXING



You will be pleasantly surprised that the earphones come in a really premium packaging. It comes in a plastic box and the earphones are wrapped very neatly around a high quality rubber base. Also, you are getting 3 different sizes of earbuds, which is a really nice touch given a low price tag.

Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review: DESIGN

As far as the design goes, the Xiaomi Pistons 3 combine plastic and metal materials and they have a great build quality.
Also, there are controls like volume up/down, play/pause and the microphone for a hands-free calling. I have to say that the quality of mic and its noise canceling ability is probably the best in this price range.
Most of the cable is made of tangle free material and at the end of it you can find a 3.5mm headset connector.

Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review: SOUND QUALITY

As far as the sound quality, I’m pretty sure you will be blown away by it. To be honest, I’ve tested at least 5 different $20 earphones made by Sony, Phillips, JVC and so on and i can say that the Xiaomi Pistons are on the next level.
The sound is crispier, it has a lot more rich tones and depth in it. Also, I’m impressed with the amount of bass and the volume output they can produce.
Honestly, if these were made by Sony, they would cost at least $50.

Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review: CONCLUSIONS

So here it is, the Xiaomi Pistons 3 and I believe these could be the best earphones for under $20. They come in a premium packaging with a nice travel case and different sizes of earbuds.
What is more important is that they have a great build quality, remote control with a mic, which works on 6 different smartphones I’ve tested.
The sound quality is just amazing and as I told you, these are probably the best sounding earphones under $20.
A few shortcomings would be that the entire cable should have been made of tangle-free material and the shell of the earphones could have been made of metal. However, these are minor disadvantages, which are far from the deal breaker considering the overall package you are getting for this price.