ZTE Nubia X8 Leaks In Gold Featuring Touch Volume Buttons, Launch on Oct 15?

by Joel 0

Back in May, we had come across a new leak which showed off the ZTE Nubia X8. However, since that time, we haven’t heard much about this particular smartphone. Now, Nubia phone has just released a new teaser on their Weibo page, and from the picture, it looks like this particular device will also be bezelless. Further, the teaser image comes with an X at the bottom, which could be a hint that this is the rumored Nubia X8.

Nubia X8 teaserWhile we will most likely see this handset as soon as October 15, a new leak shows us some of the features of the phone even before the launch. First of all, as you can see, the phone comes in pure gold color with a basic Nubia Z9 like design.

nubia x8 leak 03However, what makes this design even more interesting is the buttons on the side. You can see that they are not the traditional volume button that we have seen on smartphones. They look like touch based side buttons, which will make it unique among latest offerings. Also, the power button is expected to integrate a fingerprint sensor.

nubia x8 leak 02

Like the ZTE Nubia Z9 which was bezelless, the Nubia X8 is also said to be bezelless featuring an improved 2.5D arch egde display. As for the specs, earlier leak hinted that the phone might come with a 5.5-inch 2K display with 4GB RAM, and a large 5120mAh battery. But these specs are yet to be confirmed. Since the company has already released a teaser, we can expect the launch on October 15, which is just a couple of days away.

So stay tuned for more details.

nubia x8 leak 01