EasyAcc DP200 Bluetooth Speaker Review – A Little Powerhouse!

by Linus 0

This time around we are looking at a tiny yet surprisingly powerful Bluetooth speaker – EasyAcc DP200.

EasyAcc DP200 Review: VIDEO

EasyAcc DP200 Review: UNBOXING

IMG_3980 IMG_3983
The device comes with USB and AUX cables, and some documentation.

EasyAcc DP200 Review: DESIGN

When it comes to the design of this speaker, it is very compact and it weighs just 340g.
It has a metal speaker grill and the sound is coming out of three sides of the device.
On the top we have a play/pause button, which doubles as an answer call key as the speaker supports hands-free calling. All these controls are surrounded by a nice looking blue LED light ring.
IMG_3996 IMG_3997
On the back side we have some more controls. There is a rocker style skip tracks and volume knob. If you swivel it once to either side, it will change tracks and if you swivel and hold it, it will change the volume output. The knob also works as a power key If you press and hold it.
In addition, we have a micro USB charging port and the AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices.
On the bottom there is a silicone pad to prevent the speaker from sliding.
Overall, the build quality is very good and the design looks premium.

EasyAcc DP200 Review: SOUND QUALITY

When it comes to the sound, the first thing that will blow you away is the fact that the speaker is very loud as it has the combined 10W of volume output. This is definitely one of the loudest speakers in this size range I’ve tested.
Also, I was really surprised by the sound quality. Usually, the omni-directional speakers like this do not impress but the EasyAcc DP200 has a lot of depth, bass and overall very balanced sound for such a tiny speaker. Also, there are no crackling noises even at the highest volume setting.

EasyAcc DP200 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Overall, I can say mostly positive things about the EasyAcc DP200 speaker. It is very compact and it has a great build quality, amazing sound and great volume output.
Also, I didn’t have any Bluetooth issues and the battery lasted for around 7 hours when playing music loud.
The hands-free calling feature is not the best I’ve seen but understandable conversations are still possible.
All in all, the price tag of $36 may sound a little bit steep for some but EasyAcc DP200 definitely delivers in every aspect it promises. For this price you are getting a well designed speaker that is very compact and it will definitely impress you by its sound and volume output.