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Despite being pricey, Apple’s iPhone is probably the best known smartphone in the world. It is indeed a great device but do due its thin body, there is not enough room for a large battery cell. Thus, third-party manufacturers come up with solutions like power banks and 1byone seems to have a couple of deals on Amazon worth checking out.
Usually, the problem with ordinary power banks is that they are bulky and you always forget to take one with you.
The solution made by 1byone is a case-powerbank, which are basically two products in a one package. It has a built it 3100mAh battery, which is said to add 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 6/6s or 14 + hours talk time or 10+ hours web browsing time.
It also has a power key to turn on the power bank and the LED lights, which show the amount of juice left in the power bank.
Also, it comes in a variety of colour options “for the colourful”.
Originally, this power bank/case for the iPhone 6/6s costs $42.99 but at the moment the company is providing a discount and you can get it for just for $32.99, which is $10 less.
Deal summary:
Start Date: 10/20/2015 09:00 AM
End Date:10/26/2015 11:59 PM
Coupon Code MPIZRLB9
Original price: $42.99
Discounted price: $32.99
You Save:  $10.00
Another deal the 1byone company is having at the moment is the two-part case for the iPhone 6/6s.
It has a two-piece sliding design, which combines soft to the touch materials on the inside and hard and textured outer.
Since the iPhone 6 is indeed a beautifully designed phone, you do not want to add much bulk to it and this case adds only 3mm in thickness. Also, the buttons are made in a way to assure a great tactile response.
Usually, the case retails for $9.99 but the 1byone has a limited time offer and sells it for just $5.99.
Deal summary:
Start Date: 10/16/2015 12:01 AM
End Date: 10/31/2015 11:59 PM
Coupon Code:    4D6BOICY


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