Umi Fair Review

by Linus 5

Thanks to Coolicool for sending Umi Fair for a review

Umi Fair Review: VIDEO

Umi Fair Review: UNBOXING

What we have in the packaging are the UBS cable and a power plug.

Umi Fair Review: DESIGN

When it comes to the design, we are looking at a fairly compact phone due to its 5” display.
Umi Fair is lightweight and sits comfortably in the hand due rounded corners and a soft somewhat baby skin finish on the back.
On the front we have a 2MP shooter, earpiece and a sensor light. This time around, Umi chose to implement on-screen navigation buttons.
The chassis is made of metal and on the right we have volume rocker along with the power key.
IMG_4283 IMG_4285
On the top there is a headset jack and on the bottom we have a charging port.
As far as optics go, there is a 13MP shooter along with a dual LED flash.
Right underneath the camera, there is a fingerprint scanner.
On the bottom we have a speaker grill.
The backplate can be removed and underneath it you can find a removable 2000mAh battery, 2 SIM card slots and a microSD card slot.

Umi Fair Review: DISPLAY

The Umi Fair comes with a 5” 720p panel, which is definitely not the sharpest we’ve seen but it’s pretty good for a budget phone. However, the sunlight visibility could be better.

Umi Fair Review: UI

When it comes to the UI, UMI Fair runs on Android 5.1 out of the box with a light Umi skin on top of it.
It is almost a stock Android build but, as usual, we have extra features like gesture controls built-in. However, they don’t seem to be working all the time or working slowly.
The star of the show of this phone is supposed to be a fingerprint reader. However, it does not impress. Firstly, the setup is very slow and it takes forever to register your fingerprint. Also, the reader is super slow and inaccurate despite registering the same finger 3 times. Honestly, I ended up turning off the fingerprint scanner feature off.
In general, the UI is working smoothly but I’ve had quite a few error messages from Google Play store, a few app crashes but most importantly, downloading huge apps like Asphalt 8 can be a pain. It just takes forever to download them in comparison to higher-end phones.

Umi Fair Review: BENCHMARKS


The Umi Fair has a pretty standard configuration for budget phones:  MTK6735 chip, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of expandable storage.
While the day-to-day performance is usually smooth and the 3D gaming is also possible but you will experience a constant stutter and lots of skipped frames.

Umi Fair Review: MULTIMEDIA

Consuming HD content is smooth. As far as the rear mounted speaker, it is a similar story like on other cheap phones. It is just mediocre.

Umi Fair Review: CAMERA

The 13MP camera does not impress. There is a low amount of detail, colours tend to look washed out and the dynamic range adjustment is just terrible.
Same can be said about the video quality.


I would rate a call quality okay and same goes with other connectivity options. They work fine but the GPS is not the fastest to get a lock speed and not the most accurate one.

Umi Fair Review: BATTERY LIFE

The battery life is decent but nothing really impressive. I could get over 3 hours of screen on-time on a daily basis and doing just some basic tasks.

Umi Fair Review: CONCLUSIONS

I would call Umi Fair just another budget phone from China. Well, it has a decent design and good build quality.
However, the main selling point, which is a fingerprint reader, does not work properly. It is very slow to setup and the real life usage is just a pain. It is not accurate and very slow, and it makes you want to turn this feature off.
In general, I was happy with the UI performance but those Google Play store errors and a few app crashes were annoying.
All in all, Umi Fair is not the worst phone we’ve seen in this price range but it is not the best either.

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