NBA 2K16 for Android Review

by Linus 0

Whether you like basketball or not, you have probably heard of NBA and some of its star players. The 2k Inc. has been making NBA video games for quite a while now and this time around we have the NBA 2K16 version for a review.

NBA 2K16 for Android Review: VIDEO


All in all, the NBA 2k16 for Android can be a really good mobile basketball game but it is far from its prime time.
We have good graphics, which, however, are not yet optimised on a lot of phones. Also, the gameplay, basketball IQ, the variety of game modes, a wide array of customisation options and so on make the NBA 2k16 a really good offering by the 2k games.
However, there are just so many issues and it seems that the game was released like 3 weeks earlier than it should. In fact, I would even call it a beta version.
The game is lagging on many even high-end phones and all those major sound issues are very annoying. I mean there are bugs that you can live with but the sound is just terrible.
My conclusion is simple. We can have a really good NBA basketball game with lots of features and modes but… We may see that only after a software update. Maybe after two software updates.. or after 3 software updates.