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Xiaomi Launches Premium 99 Yuan Earphones!

by Linus 1

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that needs no further introduction as they produce a lot of tech stuff and some of it may be unknown for you if you don’t live in China. This time around, the company has launched a successor the their successful line of products – earphones. Let’s take a look.
As usual, Xiaomi inform the consumers about the time and effort that was put designing and manufacturing the earphones. It is said that it takes 20 steps to manufacture them but more importantly, it goes through more than 700 quality tests.
Also, the new Xiaomi earphones use a “double sound” unit. Whatever that means.
Finally, the new Xiaomi earphones will be priced at just 99 Yuan in China and it will go on sale on November 11th.
We can’t wait to get our hands-on with the new Xiaomi earphones since previous generation models were probably the best in its price range. We suggest you checking out the Xiaomi Pistons 3 review in the video below:

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