Elephone S1 for just $70?

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Elephone S1 for just $70?

Elephone S1 for just $70?

Is the Elephone S1 for just $70 a complete bargain or is it too little tech for 2015’s consumers? coming off the back of the moderately successful S2 and S2 phones, Elephone are about to add 2 new models to the S series phones, the S1 and S1 Plus.

The Elephone S1 will come with a  5 inch screen whilst the S1 Plus will come with a 5.5-inch screen, resolution for the screens is as yet unconfirmed but for this price I think the best we can hope for is a 720p unit.

Styling wise the handset renders for the S1 look very good, featuring glass rear panels and chamfered metal chassis, hopefully they will launch with Corning Gorilla Glass like the latest versions of the S2 and S2 plus.

Judging by the renders its safe to say that  Elephone are aiming for a premium styling, at budget pricing.

In order to keep the price down so low some sacrifices will need to be made, the inclusion of the lower end quad core Mediatek MT6580 chip, is one such compromise, unless Elephone couple it to a separate LTE modem the S1 and S1 Plus will be strictly 3g handsets.

I guess the type of people looking at a phones with a price tag as low as $70 (£46), may still on a 3G data plan rather than a more costly 4G LTE plan.

What do you think? in 2015 and on in to 2016 will there still a market for non 4G LTE handsets? are Elephone playing a blinder that may see them clean up at the bottom end of the market? or is it just too little power in a market full of 4G handsets?

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