Oukitel K4000 Review

by Linus 2

Today we are looking at another affordable device – Oukitel K4000. Find out more in our full review.

Thanks to Comebuy for sending Oukitel K4000 for a review.

Oukitel K4000: VIDEO

Oukitel K4000: SPECS

5″ 720p (HD)
MTK6735, 64-bit, Octa-core, 1GHz
5MP Front/13MP Back
Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI, GSM,EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, dual-SIM, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7
4.000 mAh (removable)
143 x 70.6 x 11 mm / 208.2 g
Android 5.1
16GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB)

Oukitel K4000: UNBOXING

IMG_4848 IMG_4850
As usual, let’s start by unboxing and what you get in the packaging are a fast charging brick, USB cable, instruction manuals, a pair of earphones and and a soft plastic case.

Oukitel K4000: DESIGN

As soon as you pick up the phone, you will notice that it is a heavy device as it weighs 208g and it is 11mm thick.
Nevertheless, the phone has only 5” display and thus it is easily manageable with one hand.

img_4868 img_4869

On the top we have 2MP camera for selfies and on the bottom you have 3 capacitive buttons, which are, however, non-baclit.
The backplate is made of soft plastic, which is nice to the touch and definitely helps with the grip.
As far as optics, Oukitel implemented an 8MP shooter, which is interpolated to 13MP and it is supplemented with a LED flash.
On the bottom there is a speaker grill.
You can easily remove the back cover and underneath it you can find two SIM card slots and the microSD card slot.
Oukitel K4000 is surrounded by a CNC metal frame and on the right we have a volume rocker and the power key, a headset jack on the top and the micro USB port on the bottom.
Overall, Oukitel K4000 is well constructed, it feels great in the hand and the design is pretty decent.

Oukitel K4000: DISPLAY

The phone rocks a 5” 720P panel, which is quite a typical affair for budget phones. It is okay to look at but it is far from perfect. The display could be brighter and the a slight blue tint is a bit annoying.
On the other hand, Oukitel declares that it uses a super tough glass, which translates to 9H hardness. Well, I didn’t want to to hit it with a hammer but at least Oukitel feels pretty confident about its screen.

Oukitel K4000: UI

When it comes to the UI, we have Android 5.1 out of the box with a light Oukitel’s skin on top of it.
What you are getting is a stock Android with some differently designed icons. Otherwise, there are no extra features like gesture controls and this is a pretty much bare bones UI.
Overall, the user interface is fast, responsive and I didn’t even have any hiccups. Well, you keep it simple, you keep it fast.


Oukitel has an MTK6735 chip, which is clocked at 1GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage. Well, we’ve seen this combo on lots of China phones lately….
However, graphically intensive games are very laggy and there is just too much stutter to call it an enjoyable experience.

Oukitel K4000: MULTIMEDIA

IMG_4902 IMG_4904
When it comes to the multimedia, the loudspeaker is like any other speaker on a cheap phone. It is okay for the price of the phone but it lacks depth and the sound is simply tinny.

Oukitel K4000: CAMERA

The 8MP shooter, which is interpolated to 13MP is actually not bad for a budget phone but it is not always reliable. If you are lucky, you may get a shot with a decent amount of details and okay colour reproduction.
If you are not that lucky, you may get a blurry shot.
Other cons are usual to all budget phones – the dynamic range is usually off, the contrast levels are not perfect and the low-light shots do not impress.
When it comes to the video quality, the footage looks shaky and lacks details. See the video review or download original video sample from the link below.


As far as connectivity, I have no major complaints with the call quality, signal reception or wifi. GPS locks speeds and accuracy are pretty good too, although navigation is not that precise as on Snapdragon-powered phones.

Oukitel K4000: BATTERY LIFE

The 4000mAh battery should last forever given a 5” display and a light UI. I have to say that the longevity is indeed impressive as I could constantly get over 5 hours of screen-on time.

Oukitel K4000: CONCLUSIONS

So here it is, Oukitel K4000. Is it another cheap phone from China? Well, yes. It is not a perfect phone but it is not a bad choice either.
The device has a decent design with great build quality, okay  display, which is not perfect but it is built to last, a very good battery life, okay camera and fluid UI.
However, the Oukitel K4000 is heavy phone and you will feel that immediately. Also, the UI doesn’t have any extra features we see on other phones. Well, it’s good that it is not overblown with gimmicks but a few extra features would have been nice. Lastly, while the camera is pretty good, it is not consistent and the low-light shots do not impress.
Finally, Oukitel K4000 is a decent phone but there is nothing we haven’t seen before. For the price of just below $120, it is a good offering but you may also want to check out some other devices too.

Please visit the official Oukitel K4000 page