Elephone Vowney with 2K Display for sale now at just $299

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Elephone Vowney with 2K Display for sale now at just $299.99

The Elephone  Vowney with 2K Display, Mediatek Helio X10 octa-core processor, 4gb Ram and 21MP camera is currently available to purchase as part of the the Elephone MEvent  for just $299.

The Elephone Vowney Lite is also available in the event for just $239.99 the main deifferences in the two varients are the screen and the amount of ram.

The Vowney Lite comes with a FHD Display, Mediatek Helio X10 octa-core processor, 3gb Ram and  21MP camera.

You can currently order the Vowney with 2K Display in gold and the Vowney Lite in grey, the white variants are currently not available to order.

We are yet to receive a firm release date for both handsets, but hopefully both the official shipping dates for the Vowney with 2k display and the Vowney Light will be before Christmas.

We have advised that software for both handsets is still currently under going debugging and testing, hopefully the fact that Elephone appear to be spending additional time on the phones software, should help to ensure that both handsets will come with finalised software, that does not require bug fixes and stress on the part of the purchaser. 

It would be great to see these long awaited handsets finally released by Elephone, with great hardware and firmware that together will asserts their position as makers of great Phones that have the software to back up the hardware, if they can get both of these right with the release of the Vowney handsets, it will make them  a real contender in a crowded handset market this December.

You can check out the hands on video, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, and let me know which one you will choose? will it be the 2K, 4gb ram version that floats your boat? or perhaps the FHD 3gb variant, or maybe your waiting on the Elephone P9000?

Regard Shane

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