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Elephone 12 12 sale get your hands on phones just $12.12

by shanos 2

Elephone 12 12 sale get your hands on phones for just $12.12

Elephone 12 12 sale

If you head over to the Elephone site on the 12th of December you will have a chance to purchase selected phones at just $12.12, the Elephone 12 12 sale will be followed up by a second sale that will run from the 16th to the 18th of December.

A wide range of handsets will be up for grabs at just $12.12, with the choice of handset changing hourly.

Handsets including the P8000, M2,P6000 ProS2/S2 Plus and more will be available, so you could save up to $180.

This is is sure to be a crazy busy promotion, so make sure you get there early and keep checking in to see if you can grab a bargain or two.

Please leave comments and questions below.

Regards Shane

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  • wolvie

    BULLSHIT, See if they got real enough stock to sell

  • RGRG_HeRoi

    It was real BS.

    I hate those “speed sale”.
    Page was unavailable most of the time.

    I prefer much more reasonable “pre sale” price sales than those crap speed timer sales.