Ele Cam 12 12 Deal and Elephone Official announcement

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ele cam 12 12

Elephone Official announcement and Ele Cam 12 12 Deal

We received the following announcement from Elephone today, things got very busy during their 12.12 event, with websites running slow due to the shear volume of orders being placed.

In order to prevent the same thing happening again, Elephone are putting measures in place ready for the next round of sales between the 16th and 18th of December 2015

Hopefully you will be able to grap a bargain or too before they all sell out again, with 20,000 units sold last time you are in with a good chance.

ELE Cam 12 12 Deal

Elephone are now including the ELE Cam Explorer to the growing list of tech in the 12 12 sales, the ELE Cam 12 12 deal comprise of a set of 1 hour time slots, with a different price each hour.

3pm – 4pm – $12.12

4pm – 5pm – $24.24

5pm – 12am – $69.99

12am onwards $89.99

Times are all GMT+8 hours

I will be posting a review of the ELE Cam soon, the Ele Cam shoots up to 4k Video at 15 frames per second, it will also shoot 1080p at 60 frames per second and 720p video at 120 frames per second, hopefully the review will show case the ELE Cam and also some amazing parkour skills too.

Copy of official Elephone announcement

Our big success on 12.12 event, 20K phones are sold!!

Our online sellers GeekBuying, PandaWill, ElephoneCC, ElephoneStore are alternatively online 

Due to the high traffic, some delay on elephone official website and our seller websites has caused many people unable to complete their orders, which we are very sorry for. 

But we have prepared sufficiently with our sellers to ensure this kind of situation will not happen on next event 16th-18th.  . 

Limited time&limited quantity. Users can go to our official website to choose the sellers. 


Please leave comments and questions below, be sure to let us know if you snapped up a bargain or if you missed out.

Regards Shanos

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